Business Process and Function Reviews

Hierarchical Decomposition.  
An effective method to structure a large amount of content and detail, while still allowing the higher-level views to present a summary view, is to structure the information in multiple levels, where each level is decomposed into greater detail at the next lower level

RACI Review
Delegation is an essential part of a manager's role, so identifying roles and responsibilities is important. Applying the Responsibility, Accountability, Consulting & Informed (RACI) model can help. As the manager, it is important that you set the expectations of people involved in your business from the outset.
Responsible – Who is completing the task.
Accountable – Who is making decisions and taking actions on the task(s).
Consulted – Who will be communicated with regarding decisions and tasks.
Informed – Who will be updated on decisions and actions during the project.

Process specification & review
Our experience gives us the capability to rapidly understand the key drivers of our client organisations and therefore the priorities in respect of the business processes that are required to properly manage those priorities.

We review business process:

During one-to-one interviews,
review of existing documented processes (where they exist),
group workshop sessions facilitated by King Consulting and
an iterative process of process refinement and review, in consultation with the key stakeholders.

Staged and phased

 We tackle each process area in a priority order set by yourself.
A, B, C & D Analysis:
A – Current reality (Where are we today)
B – End objectives (Where do we want to be)
C – Strategy (How will we get there)
D - Implementation (Execution & measuring progress

Systems / Process Fit-for-use assessment
Business software used during processes are linked to processes and then reviewed to establish it’s fit.