Job profiling

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Rationale for job profiles
For assessments during the recruitment process, we need a job profile to match candidates against.
To do skill & competency assessments.
For performance management, we require the profile to show the required outputs or deliverables of the position and a mechanism to measure the actual performance.
For remuneration we need a profile to base job grading on

Team View
Views are available to quickly view the team that supports the job.
This includes:

The direct supervisor


A comprehensive profile is built up of a job profile
The app allows for the detailed specification of a job
- Task breakdown
- Performance measurements
- Competency & skills required

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Task breakdown

Use the business process / functional analysis to develop job tasks.
Add very specific instructions, with diagrams & images to clearly define who must do what & when

Performance measurements

Performance measurements (KPI's) may be generated automatically from the job's tasks. The measurements may then be refined to adequately compile a set of measurable items.

Competency requirements

The skills, attributes and other requirements may be defined.

The definitions may later on be used as part of job advertisements and structured interview sheets