Performance Reviews

Performance measures

Measurements may be set up in a 'top-down' manner as follows:
1. Setting up generic measures per department, based on the milestone & specific objectives set to achieve the business goals
2. Setting job generic key performance areas, indicators and measures
3. Refining the measurements - thereby establishing a ‘contract’ between the employee & other stakeholders
4. Going through a series of discussions, 'conversations' to make sure that the measures are achievable

Personal reviews

Performance against the measures could be rated by the employee, direct supervisor, peer’s and subordinates.
In addition, other stakeholders, such as internal customers, mentors and coaches may also score all or some of the measures.
The assessment reviews may be overseen and facilitated by HR ‘business partners’ as well.
The individual and group discussions may be recorded as ‘conversations’ Some conversations may be marked as ‘private’.
A formal approval process with defined stages are followed and tracked per individual and the team / department.


Various tools are available to set up the measures for a specific review period..