Business Reviews: System administration

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Ability to create the basic company meta data 

Also allows for 'play-pen' variations


Identify super users and their 'create, read, update & delete' (CRUD) rights 

Users are linked to specific RoyalCo modules. You do not have to use all of them... at the start!


Allows for the bulk uploading of data from Excel 

To get started we've got several 'startup' data that may be tweaked, in Excel and then uploaded.


Bulk delete of data

This is especially useful when making copies for training and proof-of-concept testing in 'play-pen' instances


Print & export

Most of the data may be exported to Excel.
In addition, all reports may also be exported to Microsoft Word or Excel and Adobe PDF format.



In certain cases a full text editor is used allowing for 'Word-like' data input and display