Quick links for registered users to the new (C#) Applications

  1. System administration - An application for the System administrators to view & maintain the master codes and user access rights. Try it now!
  2. Financial Management - The financial management application allows one to manage the the daily transactions of an enterprise. The application consists of Bank/Cash management, Debtors & Creditors control, Fixed assets all leading to a General Ledger.. Try it now!
  3. Financial Portfolio Management - The application allows for the maintenance of financial profiles of clients. The application is typically used by Financial advisors. Try it now!
  4. Event Management - Plan events, invite participants, track attendance and billing makes up the core functionality of this application. Try it now!
  5. Supply Chain Management - Buying and selling of goods & services are done through a cycle of Purchase orders, Quotations (RFQ's), Job Cards, Invoicing & Deliveries.    Try it now!
  6. Operations Management - This application focusses on the Planning and Controlling of the production of goods . Try it now!
  7. Residential estate /Community Association Management - Keeping track of residents, invoices  issues within a community - Try it now