RoyalCo Business Applications

Integrated solutions to help manage your daily operations

The primary advantage of a RoyalCo, a web based ERP software solution, is the low up-front cost. Another advantage is that there is no need for a local infrastructure with staff technology experts to maintain and support the systems. There is no need to buy and install all the hardware and software; all that’s needed is a browser and a web connection.  

Quotes (Pro forma invoices)  to Job cards

Configurable Qootes -> Job cards-> Invoices  process to manage inbound and outbound services and repairs. System generated Job Cards for clients and technicians. Automated conversion of invoices to financial transactions - ready for the Accounts receivable group

Inventory / Stock control

Comprehensive control over minbound and outbound material. Possible to create assembles. Items linked to quotes, job cards, invoices and purcase orders.

Financial management

Covers the usual 'prime books of entry' such as cashbook, purchase journals & general journals.
General ledger accounts are used to accumulate values to render reports such as Income statements & Balance sheets. Complete audit trail kept across finance periods.

Membership / Financial Profiling

Manage your clients / members:
- Used by property estates / communities - - Used by Financial advisors to track investment portfolios

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