Strategic Performance Areas

An holistic alignment of the processes, organisation, people, systems/applications.

Structured review starting with process definitions

King consulting uses a structured functional decomposition technique to map a business processes. A computer model, initially based on known processes, is built during the course of interviews.

The process review's deliver:

A comprehensive, structured list of business processes
Unambiguous roles & responsibilities assignment to processes
Process & application fit-for-use mapping
All policies, procedures & service contracts, properly indexed & available via cross-links to the business processes
Changes to processes raise flags to review policies, procedures & service contracts
Clear, synchronised, documented proof of governance

Where are you now? Where do you want to be?
How are you’re going to get there?

We start by defining what the present situation is like in terms of processes, organisation, people, applications, IT technology

Next we determine where you want the business to grow to, within a reasonable time scale.

This is followed by the major specific objectives on how to grow the business over this time period. A detailed plan of action, for executives, is developed.

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