Performance Management

Performance measures are set in an orderly 'top-down' fashion

Performance reviews

Is a whole work system that begins when a job is defined as needed. It ends when an employee leaves your organization

Setting up generic measures per department, based on the milestone & specific objectives set to achieve the business goals
Setting job generic key performance areas, indicators and measures
Refining the measurements - thereby establishing a ‘contract’ between the employee & other stakeholders
Going through a series of discussions to make sure that the measures are achievable  .... read more

Personal development plans

Employee development plans may consist of
- Remedial actions
- Career development plans
- Succession plans


A complete record is kept of all 'conversations' between the various stakeholders. Conversations include:
- Automated email messages as part of the workflow
- Discussions between reviewee's and reviewers
- Updqates etc regarding development actions
Some conversations may be marked as 'private' and will only be viewable by the initiator.