RoyalCo Business Applications

Quotes, Invoices and Job cards

Ability to create a master of different types of transactions, eg Repair quote, Maintenance quote, Supply Materials, et

Cost and sale values are compared per item.
Actual amounts invoiced are matched against the original quotes, job cards for feedback and lessons learnt.

Ability to link stock items. Default cost and selling values may be used but may be changed to fit the situation.

One may also add non-stock work as items to the transactions

Using the 'Word' like editor.
Supporting documents such as instructions, safety sheets, product specifications, guarantees etc may be attached to a transaction. The documents are filed in a central repository.

Quote completion leads to automatic Job and / or Invoice creation. Acceptance of a quote triggers the creation of job cards and invoices (as per user selection)

Planning board. The progress of transactions may be tracked in a Calendar planning tool

Various reports available to review quotes against invoices etc
The dashboard use data visualization, data integration, and visual design techniques to communicate key business metrics

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