Execute your WOW plan

After all that buildup, it’s time to put your WOW plan into action.
Execution involves clear communication across your entire Company to make sure everyone knows their responsibilities and how to measure the plan’s success. 
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Task assignments

Align tasks with job descriptions to make sure people are equipped to get their jobs done

Communicate clearly to your entire organization throughout the implementation process

Fully commit to your plan .

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Share your WOW plan—this isn’t a document to hide away. Make sure your team (especially senior leadership) has access to it so they can understand how their work contributes to company priorities and your overall strategic plan.

We recommend sharing your plan in the same tool you use to manage and track work, so you can more easily connect high-level objectives to daily work. 

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Update the Plan

Update your plan regularly (quarterly and annually). Make sure you’re using your WOW plan to inform your shorter-term goals. Your WOW plan also isn’t set in stone. You’ll likely need to update the plan if your company decides to change directions or make new investments.

As new market opportunities and threats come up, you’ll likely want to tweak your WOW plan to ensure you’re building your organization in the best direction possible for the next few years.

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