Getting there

"How to get there" (a strategic) WOW statement helps you define and share the direction your company will take in the next three to five years. It includes your company’s vision and mission statements, goals, and the actions you’ll take to achieve those goals.  
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The first step is to understand your current operations. 
Your team
- How many people work in the company?
- What is their skill & experience levels?
- What is their work attitude?
- Who's the key people?

Your 'Tools' 
- List your buildings, vehicles, machines/equipment, tools, etc
- How old are they & in what state are they?

Your finances
- What money do you have in the bank?
- How much money do you owe?

Your material
- Do you carry stock & if so what's the value?
- How is stock holding organised?
- Is the stock still usable?

Your customers
- List of customers per type of work done.
- What information do you have of customers
- What is your perception of how customers see your past performance?
- What do we do well?
- What do we do poorly?
- What's holding us back?

Our suppliers
- Who are they & how do they perform?
- Can you always rely on them for on time, good quality & decent pricing?

Our Competitors
- In what bracket are we competing?
- How many other companies do the same thing?
- What makes us different, if any?

Your systems
- How do you manage work from quotation to completion?
- How do you keep stock?
- How do you manage time spent by staff?
- How do you manage your accounts (keep books?)

To do this, you should collect a variety of information from additional stakeholders—like employees and customers.

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Dream Big!

Your WOW statement is more forward-thinking than your company goals, and it should cover more than one year of work.

We all have dreams. But in order for to make dreams come into, it takes an awful lot of determination, self-discipline and effort.

What opportunities does your Company have?
How can you leverage your unique company strengths?
Are there any trends that you can take advantage of?
How can you capitalize on marketing or press opportunities?
Is there an emerging need for your product or service?

What emerging competitors should you keep an eye on?
Are there any weaknesses that expose your company to risk?
Have you or could you experience negative Customer responses that could reduce market share?
Is there a chance of changing customer attitudes towards your company? 

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In 5 Years

To develop your WOW plan, you’re essentially pulling out your compass and asking, “Where are we going next?” This can help you figure out exactly which path you need to take.

Your vision statement, to clarify how your plan fits into your long-term vision
Your company values, to guide you towards what matters most towards your company
Your competitive advantages, to understand what unique benefit you offer to the market
Your long-term goals, to track where you want to be in five or 10 years
Your financial forecast and projection, to understand where you expect your financials to be in the next three years, what your expected cash flow is, and what new opportunities you will likely be able to invest in

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