The Business Wow plans for success

The "wow factor" is a term used to describe something that evokes a strong positive reaction or sense of astonishment in customers.
It refers to an element, feature, or experience that is highly impressive, captivating, or surprising, often exceeding expectations and leaving a lasting impact.
The following pages dives into how to achieve this WOW factor in business. 

So let's start by discussing the following 3 stages.
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The first step it to assess where we are now? Then we can 'dream' where we want to be.

First impressions count.

Some simple things can make a huge difference. Remember, your 'outside appearance' must match your 'inner ability.'

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'Next Year' 

Look at the small things that will bring about big changes.

The 80/20 rule.
In business, a goal of the 80-20 rule is to identify inputs that are potentially the most productive and make them the priority. For instance, once managers identify factors that are critical to their company's success, they should give those factors the most focus, for instance:
- Which sources comprise the top 20% of my business?
- Who are the top 20% of my customer types that I wish to reach?
- What are the characteristics of this customer group?
- Can I afford to invest more money and effort into satisfying my top 20% customers?
- In terms of delivery, what work constitute the top 20% of my best-performing topics?
- Can I improve upon this work, and get even more traction from my efforts than I'm getting now?

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In 5 Years

People sometimes mistakenly conclude that if 20% of factors should get priority, then the other 80% can be ignored.

At its heart, the 80-20 rule simply underscores the importance of exerting your energy on those aspects of your business—or life, sports activity, musical performance, blog, etc.—that get you the best results.

However, it does not mean people should then ignore the areas that are less successful. It's about prioritizing focus and tasks, and then solving problems that reveal themselves due to that focus.

Decide where you want to be in '5' years from now.

Then decide how you want to get from where you are to where you want to be.

What makes it WOW?

The wow factor is subjective and can vary from company to company. What may impress one company might not have the same effect on someone else. However, the common thread is that the wow factor represents something extraordinary, captivating, and memorable that elicits a strong and positive reaction.


The wow factor is often associated with something new, groundbreaking, or innovative. It can be a technological advancement, a novel approach to problem-solving, or a unique design concept that pushes the boundaries of what was previously possible.

  • What makes us different?
  • How do we learn from the past?
  • How do we embrace changes?
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Visual or Aesthetic Appeal

A visually stunning or aesthetically pleasing element can evoke a wow factor. This can be achieved through intricate details, proper branding, professional staff or impressive tools & equipment that immediately catch the Customer's attention and leave them in awe.

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Skill and Expertise

Demonstrating exceptional skill, expertise, or talent can create a wow factor. Whether it's an outstanding performance, a masterfully crafted artwork, or a flawlessly executed project, the display of exceptional abilities can leave Customers amazed, captivated.

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Surprise and Unexpectedness

Surprising or unexpected elements can generate a wow factor by defying expectations. When something unpredictable or unconventional occurs, it can catch Customers off guard and create a sense of wonder or excitement. 

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Scale and Magnitude

Enormous size, grandeur, or an impressive scale can often evoke a wow factor. Whether it's a massive architectural structure, a breathtaking natural landscape, or a colossal event, the sheer magnitude can leave Customers awestruck.

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Emotional Impact

The wow factor can also be driven by an emotional response. Experiences that evoke strong emotions such as joy, awe, wonder, or inspiration can leave a lasting impact on Customers, creating a wow factor that resonates deeply with them.

The steps

  • Getting there
    "How to get there" (a strategic) WOW statement helps you define and share the direction your company will take in the next three to five years. It includes your company’s vision and mission statements, goals, and the actions you’ll take to achieve those goals. ..... read more
  • The Plan
    Now that you understand where you are and where you want to go, it’s time to put pen to paper. .... read more
  • Making it Happen
    After all that buildup, it’s time to put your WOW plan into action.... read more
  • How We'll Help  The step by step assistance we'll provide you.... read more
  • Systems
    OK - you need to think about your more