The Master Plan

Now that you understand where you are and where you want to go, it’s time to put pen to paper. Your plan will take your position and WOW statement into account to define your company-wide plan for the next three to five years. Keep in mind that even though you’re creating a long-term master plan, parts of your plan should be created as the quarters and years go on.
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The first year

Set objectives for the first year. You don’t need to define your objectives for every year of the strategic plan. As the years go on, create new yearly objectives that connect back to your overall strategic goals.
The plan should cover the 5 "M's"!

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All on board!
Making sure your team understands what's required.

Set up related key results and indicators for that first year.

Some of these should be set by management, and some should be set by the teams that are closer to the work.
Make sure your key results and indicators are measurable and actionable.

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Plan the money

Budget for the next year or few years. This should be based on your financial forecast as well as your direction.

Do you need to spend aggressively to:
- Develop your product?
- Build your team?
- Make a dent with marketing?

Clarify your most important initiatives and how you’ll budget for those.

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Road Map for next years

A high-level project roadmap. You can should create a very high-level 'project roadmap' for your WOW plan. Outline what you expect to be working on in certain quarters or years to make the plan more actionable and understandable.

Next steps

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